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RMS Offshore 

In today’s growing market demand for cost reduction, the low cost country tooling markets have become a place where many have chosen to seek out tooling production.  The low cost country tooling markets are however, laced with pit falls for the unwary and unprepared.  Many times ridiculously low tool cost estimates develop into the mold manufacturer and/or molder overseas maintaining ownership of the tool and amortizing the price of the mold over the duration of the production requirements.  This becomes predictably undesirable when part costs are raised dramatically at some point down the road, and the increase in part cost drastically reduces profitability and the plastic injection mold cannot be removed and shipped to a more cost-effective molder.  It is also not uncommon to run into a variety of quality issues including parts not meeting design specifications and mold components not being materials that were quoted and tool breakdowns become a regular occurrence.  These stories are all too common and we hear them on a regular basis from our customers that have sought low cost country tooling options.

Rapid Mold Solutions took the initiative to seek out offshore, low cost country tooling sources where RMS could maintain project control.  Several visits to low cost country tooling centers including Shenzen, China, Shanghai, China, India,  and Estonia resulted in an understanding of the low cost country tooling pit falls and benefits as well as a cast of characters to choose from to rely on for our low cost country tooling needs.  As a result of these visits as well as experiencing some of these pit falls ourselves, RMS has eliminated the dangers of low cost country tooling production.  RMS designs and manages the entire project from our Erie, Pennsylvania facility, insuring a quality, robust tool design and quality manufacturing practices throughout.  We have in place a trusted, knowledgeable, manager fluent in several languages that interfaces with our team daily on projects in production.  During a low cost country tool build for a customer, our Shenzhen manager provides us with weekly Gant chart updates as well as digital photos of the actual work being completed that we pass on to you to monitor your project.  We go the extra mile to certify all materials that are to be used in the production of the tool are to specification, insuring a quality, robust tool.  To complete the turn-key, low cost country tooling solution for your project, Rapid Mold Solutions takes care of all the nightmarish logistics, taxes, and duties required to import and deliver your low cost country tool; and all these costs are included in our quotes.  For certain, discerning customers, we can also arrange visits to the RMS facility at your request so you can ascertain the quality of our low cost country tooling operation for yourself.

RMS continues to innovate in the tooling marketplace by offering customized solutions to meet our customers’ unique needs.  We can specify certain components be built both offshore as well as in Erie to insure the most cost-effective tooling package.  Give us a call to discuss your next tooling requirement and let us show you how we can offer Rapid Mold Solutions!




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