Rapid Production Molds

Rapid Production Molds

“Quality, Robust Plastic Injection Mold Tooling for the long haul”

Rapid Mold Solutions, Inc. has grown and prospered as a result of its skill and ability in designing and manufacturing complex, multiple action, plastic injection mold tooling in a timely manner.  These skills and abilities are derived from countless hours designing, building, and debugging plastic injection mold tooling.  In fact, the true value of the company lies in the founders in the front offices and cascades down through the engineers in the tool design room to the toolmakers on the shop floor.

Many of the complicated plastic injection mold tools Rapid Mold Solutions builds are for parts that are molded with highly engineered plastic resins.  These engineered resins add yet another layer of expertise required to produce quality parts to extremely tight tolerances.  Although not all plastic injection mold tools require the complicated actions in the core side of the mold pictured above, the knowledge required to create, install, and synchronize them and comprehend how those actions will affect the flow of engineered plastic resins is an extremely advantageous skill to have available for less complicated parts to be molded with more commonly used resins.

Rapid Mold Solutions had manufactured plastic injection mold tooling for an array of industries including the automotive industry, electrical industry, medical device industry, consumer products industry, sporting goods industry, and HVAC industry just to illustrate the diversity of markets that we service.  The plastic injection mold tooling Rapid Mold Solutions has manufactured has molded parts from resins including PVC, Polycarbonate and a variety of PC composites, Nylon and a variety of Nylon composites, Polystyrene, HDPE, LDPE, and ABS, just to name a few.

Let Rapid Mold Solutions, Inc. design and build your next plastic injection mold tooling project and experience the RMS difference.



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