Rapid Mold Repair

Rapid Mold Repair

Rapid Mold Solutions plays an integral role in our customer’s supply chain.  In addition to product development, design, and the manufacture of molds and dies, we also service our customer’s maintenance and alteration needs with our Rapid Mold Repair department.  The RMS Rapid Mold Repair department is a cost-effective, efficient way to assure quality production runs.  Rapid Mold Solutions’ Rapid Mold Repair team offers several services to fulfill our customers’ needs:

  • Rapid Tune Up is a complete preventative maintenance regimen for existing tooling.  The mold is split and disassembled for a functionality evaluation.  In many cases, it is de-gassed, cleaned, and re-assembled.  When required, our experienced team diagnoses problems with tool components or design flaws and will notify the sales team of issues that we quote for rapid mold repair.  Rapid Mold Solutions can often design a customized schedule where your tools are serviced on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly rotation by our Rapid Mold Repair team dependant upon the customers’ needs and the production requirements of each plastic injection mold.


  • Rapid Mold Repair is a service designed to diagnose and repair any issues that may hamper tool performance.  In many cases a component may need to be re-manufactured or altered to allow the tool to perform properly.  Typically a dialogue with a customer’s production engineer will allude to a problem that we can diagnose and complete a rapid mold repair in a timely fashion.  Rapid mold repair is essential to keeping our customers’ production schedules at capacity and flowing smoothly.


  • Rapid Engineering Change is a service designed by the Rapid Mold Repair team to update an existing tool to accommodate an engineering change.  On molds built by Rapid Mold Solutions, we include an updated mold design package with all mold prints on CD ROM for your records.  For tools that are not manufactured by Rapid Mold Solutions; we will machine, EDM, or wire the change to your specifications or design the change per your new models.


If you currently outsource your tool maintenance or are considering doing so, give the Rapid Mold Repair team a chance to customize a program or quote a maintenance project to meet your needs.  To expand our commitment to our customers, Rapid Mold Solutions has also added a captive fleet of trucks in order to service our customers in a timelier, cost-effective manner.  We will pick up and deliver tools within a 750 mile radius of our Erie location; now our Rapid Mold repair services are faster than ever!



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