Rapid Mold Design

Rapid Mold Design

The Rapid Mold Solutions’ design team incorporates almost 100 years of plastic injection mold design experience to provide one of the most competent design teams available for your mold design needs.  Our team utilizes Pro Engineer as our primary engineering software, but is able to utilize 3D files from virtually any common software package on the market.  Our design team incorporates the latest plastic injection mold design technology and tooling innovations to create robust plastic injection molds capable of producing quality parts over the long haul while at the same time optimizing mold performance to create a broad process window and the fastest cycle time possible.

Once a purchase order has been received, we begin the design process by “splitting” the part and situating it in each half of the plastic injection mold.  The necessary actions are implemented into the mold design and a “tool concept” is produced.  In most circumstances, the design team then contacts the customer to review the concept for customer dimension requirements, tool design specs, and performance expectations.  This dialogue and availability of our design team throughout the mold design process assure that a quality, robust plastic injection mold are created for each and every part.

The Rapid Mold Solutions’ design expertise is available for plastic injection molds that are to be manufactured by Rapid Mold Solutions at RMS Erie or RMS Shanghai.  We also offer our plastic injection mold design services for other parties seeking the utmost in robust tool design for manufacture at a manufacturer of their choice.

The Key to Up-Front Mold Design: http://www.moldmakingtechnology.com/articles/the-key-to-up-front-mold-design

Let the Rapid Mold Solutions’ design team insure your next injection molding project’s success!



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