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“…From cradle to grave of the product life cycle.”

Rapid Mold Solutions, Inc. is a total solutions provider for your next project.  We assist many of our customers with total product development.  In some cases it may be a metal to plastic conversion, an innovation on an existing product, or an entirely new product to be brought to market.  Rapid Mold Solutions can be an instrumental resource from initial product design for functionality, integrity, and mold-ability to the final production tooling and beyond.  We primarily utilize “Pro Engineer” as our design software package however, we are able to use files from other packages including, but not limited to: “Unigraphics”, “Solidworks”, “Catia”, and “Edgecam”.  The ability to be flexible in software packages enables us to interface with virtually any customer throughout the product development process.  In certain circumstances, 3D models of a part may not be available; Rapid Mold Solutions has established relationships with several resources that can scan an existing part to produce a 3D model for engineering purposes.  Once all parties have arrived at an initial product design, it may be necessary to produce prototype parts for further research and development on the customer’s end.  We further assist in the product development process by offering three choices for product development prototypes: FDM “printed” parts, Machined prototypes, and low-volume plastic injection molded parts.

The role we play in product development is an essential tenet of the Rapid Mold Solutions philosophy of commitment to our customers.  The in-depth knowledge we gain throughout the product development process plays a critical role in producing a quality, robust tool and the knowledge of part functionality enables the Rapid Mold Solutions team to play an invaluable role in future part modifications.





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