Lean, Streamlined Machining – leads to mean, green, profit machine!

Few things make upper level management happier than improved profits! Throughout the last few years, RMS has taken pride in the fact that we have helped a number of customers improve their margins by close evaluation of their machined component machining processes. New technology combined with old-fashioned ingenuity is quite often the means to happier executives! The fact that every machined part quote is reviewed by the management team, Tim, our CNC department manager, and often one or two of the guys from the floor often results in a variety of methodologies in producing a part. We have found through experience that a variety of thought processes, experiences, and know-how can result in a refined machining regimen that can mean reduced operations and / or machining time and consequently, lower cost! When we can reduce the turn around time or machining time, the end result is greater margins for our customers. Take a moment and send a print and model to let our team review for you. Let’s see if we can help you make more money!

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