Innovate to create market space

In the past few days I have been focusing on a presentation that I have to deliver to a customer’s purchasing team. The theme of the presentation is how Rapid Mold Solutions’ long term business plan will create competitive advantage for this particular customer. During the process of formulating this plan, it struck me how some of the objectives that RMS is working on are truly the means to implementing “Blue Ocean Strategy”; creating our own market space where our “competition” is irrelovant.

Several internal goals that we are striving to attain include a dramatic recreation of the entire process behind “tuning-up” tight-tolerance, complex plastic parts that are molded from engineered plastic resins. Some of these molds take upwards of 33 weeks from design to build to tool approval and the process to reaching tool approval has been remarkably similar across the industry. However, this may soon change if the marriage of our current efforts and acquired proprietary knowledge is successful. If all goes as planned, it is possible we may eliminate our competition in one of our core niche markets with the successful launch of our new process.

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