Rapid Plastic Prototype Parts

Rapid Plastic Prototype Parts

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Rapid Mold Solutions provides a unique prototyping service to our customers.  We offer FDM “printed” parts that are created with our in-house FDM (fused deposition modeling) printer.  This technological gadget actually allows us to produce cost-effective plastic prototype parts from 3D models in a very short time frame for customers in need of a small number of plastic prototype parts for discussion and verification.  In some cases, we can produce FDM plastic prototype parts for customers in as little as several hours.  In the event that a customer does not have 3D models, in some cases, we can take a physical model to one of our local resources to have the necessary 3D model created so that plastic prototype parts can be created.  In addition to our FDM capabilities, we have partnered with several local resources that enable us to offer larger FDM parts as well as SLA parts in a wider array of resins and surface finishes as well.  We are networked to assist you with ALL your Rapid Prototype Part needs!

These plastic prototype parts are useful in a variety of applications including, but not limited to: proof of concept models, marketing tools, and functional testing models.

This article highlights the importance of plastic models in 3D product development:


The FDM printer also produces plastic prototype parts that can also be used as vacuum forming prototype tools.  The porous nature of the overlaid ABS material provides a tool capable of low-volume runs of vacuum formed parts, that requires no machining or drilling.


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