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“To infinity, and beyond…” Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story, 1995 – Disney)

2014 saw a resurgence in U.S. manufacturing. That resurgence was fueled by a number of factors. Lower domestic energy prices, specifically natural gas and oil, drove the costs of doing business down. The growing demand for reduced product development and production lead times, compounded by an increasing labor cost in China, has also continued to […]

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FULL Disclosure for optimized solutions

It never ceases to amaze me how customers feel the necessity to withhold pertinent information when seeking a competitive quote.  A few days ago I was approached with the opportunity to quote a 1+1 family tool to prototype parts for a customer.  The customer made it clear that this was to be strictly a prototype […]

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Hybridized Mold Builds, the best of both worlds

In today’s world of extreme cost prejudice and shorter and shorter lead time requirements, Rapid Mold Solutions has again taken the initiative to find innovative ways to meet our customer’s needs, with the introduction of the Rapid Hybrid. The Rapid Hybrid is a fusion of the benefits of the skilled craftsmanship and timely precision of […]

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