Aluminum Rapid Molds

Aluminum Rapid Molds

Rapid Mold Solutions, Inc. began as a prototype house; these roots are still evident today with the volume of aluminum plastic injection molds we manufacture.  We manufacture aluminum prototype molds with hand loads for parts that require multiple actions.  These aluminum prototype molds are recommended when less than 500 plastic prototype parts are required.  Rapid Mold Solutions produces aluminum prototype/low volume production run molds for more extensive testing requirements that can include many of the same actions a production tool may contain and are recommended when up to 10,000 parts are required.  In the last several years Rapid Mold Solutions has serviced an increasing demand for aluminum production molds.  The article below highlights some of the more advanced alloys now available on the market for production tools that require up to 200,000 parts of certain plastic resins.

Aluminum plastic injection molds are typically more cost-effective than steel tools because the aluminum can be machined faster than steel and market prices for many of the various aluminum alloys are less than most tool steels.  Aluminum molds also have the intrinsic ability to transfer heat better than most tool steels and as a result often require less plumbing than a similar steel mold.


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