NEW Mori Seiki Turning Milling Center is here!

Rapid Mold Solutions has made an investment in modern turning with the addition of the Mori Seiki NL2500SY / 700 turning center. This marvel of modern hybrid turning and milling technology will enable the production of more complex round parts for our customers. This machine is unique in that increasing the rigidity between the spindle and tool tip in the NL2500SY, vibration has been minimized, achieving the highest-quality cutting surface during turning. With an additional integrated sub-spindle, the NL2500SY has a rotation of up to 6.000 min and a maximum torque of 77.8 Nm. The NL Series features the industry’s first turret with a built-in milling motor. This revolutionary concept minimizes heat and vibration while eliminating transmission losses. The new turning / milling center offers X axis travel of 10.2 inches, Y axis travel of 3.9 inches, and Z axis travel of 31.3 inches, accepting part diameters of up to 14.4 inches and a turning length of up to 27.7 inches! Check out the latest addition to our capabilities in action!

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